What is the name of God?

Bruce, one of our readers from Boquete Panama suggested I checkout a Mayan pueblo to see a fusion of the Catholic religion and local Mayan tradition; I did. I visited the Pueblo of San Andreas Itzapa about 50 minutes in an old retired US school bus from Antigua. The town has both a Catholic church and an entire area dedicated to “Maximon” it appears despite urgent warnings from the local priest both religions are alive and well in San Andreas Itzapa.

Maximon according to Wikipedia is a fusion religion; part Catholic, part Mayan. I visited both churches and both had their share of relics. The church of Maximon had many locals in attendence lighting candles, fires and feeding the statue of their deity cigars, liquor and money. Maximon as you can see in the pictures wears a suit and hat and presides over his temple. If you are interested this link will tell you bit more about the religion.

It is beyond my earthly wisdom to know if either religion has the correct path but in this Mayan village the Catholic church has vocal and strong arguments that they have the path. The locals however seem to support both institutions and it seems that Maximon is happy to accept sacrifices of the Mayan type including blood offerings and burnt offerings of animals. Then local Catholic priest calls the worship of Maximon Satanic, I am sure the followers of Maximon have parallel thoughts.

Seems the balance is struck and regardless of my belifs or yours Maximon is deity in this culture.

To be sure you do not confuse the idols:
Picture 1 is Maximon
Picture 2 and 3 are from the Catholic Church
Picture 5 is Maximon, what you cannot see it in ceramic tile beneth him is an image of the Madonna.
The rest from the area outside showing local Mayans, the 11th picture shows effigies of Maximon for sale.
The final pictures are candles being lit in the Maximon church.

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