Celebrating one year, twice

November 21 marked a one year celebration of the opening of Las Ruinas restaurant in Boquete Panama. If this was not Boquete this might not be worth mentioning. Because it is Boquete, because was fun and because Las Ruinas is significant for multiple reasons here it is.

Las Ruinas is important because it is described by many patrons as the only place in Boquete you can get consistently good food. Others just like the happy hour on Fridays with half price drinks. I like the fact that Craig the owner and often the chef will listen to suggestions, buy quality fresh local food and innovate both on and off the menu. If you want something special and Craig has the ingredients he will make it.
So yesterday we had great music, free rum and good eats.

I had an apprentice food photographer in attendance, Mayra’s daughter Karina.


This is what she thought was memorable, a corvina plate, you cannot see the corvina so she needs more practice.

We did catch the photographer eating some fried shrimp.


There are people who were at Las Ruinas last night who might not remember the night, people like Ray. Ray you were not dancing on the table tops, despite what I told you earlier.

I am not sure how much free rum was poured but the smiles and dancing throughout the restaurant were a sure sign people had a good time, even if they needed to nurse a hangover in the morning. So in case you never noticed, here is a photo of Rich and Yella belting out the music while the color commentary was being done over their heads.


Our next one year restaurant celebration is December 11 when Culturas will attempt to outdo Las Ruinas in the free rum department by having free rum from both Abuelo and Carta Viejo handed out to anyone who can stand and say Culturas six times without slurring.

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