TCM: A Newcomers Meeting

I was surprised by the attendance at todays meeting, a large group. The meeting was  held because of requests for a newcomers meeting when I asked for feedback and suggestions. Many of the people were new to Boquete many others have been here for years. A lot of information was exchanged and we will do it again.

In this meeting Don Anitlla and I spoke, sometimes with totally contrasting views of the Panama and Boquete experience. I learned from him, he said he learned from me and we both learned from the other people participating.

Based upon this test Dianne and I met today and made some decisions on the future of the Tuesday Meetings.

The meetings will continue when quality speakers are available, we will have Tuesdays without meetings when there are no good speakers available.

The first meeting of each month starting in July will be similar to the meeting held today, Tuesday 22 May, a newcomers meeting to share experiences and answer questions. Those meetings will be run by Dianne, Lee or others who have been here and are willing to share experiences.

We will now allow commercial speakers who wish to sell goods or services. Those meetings will be free to the public, no $1 fee. The speaker will pay a flat rate of $40 to the BCP to cover the entry fee. I will schedule those meetings as any other, but they will be marked commercial no door charge, in announcements.

We are still open to new ideas, more speakers and quality topics. The changes made were based upon the poll here on Boquete Guide and other feedback given by the community.

The topic next week is one of those very important topics covering health care and I urge people to come early so they have a seat.

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