A Sunday morning in Boquete Panama

Last week I read an article in the New Yorker using a format I found very enjoyable, it was a virtual technology buying spree using cites, references and prices of the items. As my day started today I decided to take you on my Sunday markets in much the same way.

After visiting a friend in the morning I drove to Boquete for a light lunch.

I ate a bowl of Sancocho, Panamanian Chicken soup at Cafe Nelvis for $1. Next I stopped a this pickup and bought a watermelon (sandia) and pineapple (pina) for a total of $1.25.

After saying hello to some friends I started the drive to David, about 30 minutes.

My first stop in David was Price Smart, sound familiar? Used to be Price Club now Costco in the States. For the shear fun and to help any people considering moving to Panama I am going to list some of the things I bought and their prices.

A carton of Marlboro Red Box cigarettes, $11.77 (need to make up for the clean air), a pair of Calvin Klein Easy Fit blue Jeans $24.77, A dozen Garden Burgers (imported from the USA) $8.79, a gallon of fresh local Bonlac Orange Juice $3.45, eight ounces of smoked salmon (lox) for my bagels $7.19, some smoked pork ribs at $2.49 a pound, a pork tenderloin at $3.17 a pound, a liter of Finlandia Vodka $9.69, Some tasty Carmenere vino from Chile, Casal de Gorchs 2004 $7.99 and finally to maintain my trim two pounds of Pistachios from California 7.99. As you can see some things are less expensive here, many imports are not.

Next stop Supermercado El Rey, for some more stuff. A two liter Coca Cola Light (think Diet coke) $1.39, a couple of 500ml bottles of Balboa Beer $.35 each, a couple of bottles of Quilmes beers from Argentina $.77 each, a can of sardines $.79 and some really good Yuca chips $.99.

After the serious shopping I drove back to Boquete, stopped for fuel at $3.66 for diesel in Dolega and avoided a speeding ticket thanks to another driver flashing his headlights as a warning of troubles ahead.

My real day then adjourned to Amateur night at the Guari Guari bar, more on that tomorrow.

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