Tuesday Morning Meeting: Alto al Crimen

I have written about Fundacion Alto al Crimen before.

“There is a not for profit Foundation, Alto al Crimen working to educate and help reduce crime in Boquete. I would suggest anyone who has a real interest in how to secure your home or what procedures to follow in the event of a problem should look toward them for a solution. There is no one solution to crime and no way it will ever be eliminated. By working together as a community we can help reduce it and see a higher percentage of criminals incarcerated.” Boquete Guide

At that time I was pointing out the Foundation was a real alternative to Roger Imerman’s Computer Protection Service (CPS). Roger attacked me with these words in a CPS News letter email to hundreds of people.

One thing I find quite interesting about this matter is that CPS was accused by certain individuals of ‘fear mongering’ about the crime here. The interesting point for me is the connection between discrediting CPS (the only viable, effective long-term deterrent to crime – think about who spread the rumors and what their motive might be) and diverting the focus from crime to a ghost – I wonder if those ‘leading the charge’, such as Lee Zeltzer and XXXXXXXX, are innocently duped by others or perhaps benefiting from the crime (this is only a question, not an accusation, as I have no direct evidence yet to support such a charge). Apparently now Lee has ‘cleansed’ his blog of anyone who challenges or disagrees with his vigilante tactics; what does this say about truth, justice and due process? Could there be another reason motivating Lee?
For those of us who knew Ozzie, I have to agree there is some physical resemblance between my associate Fred and Ozzie. Also Fred is a computer expert, although much more advanced than Ozzie was. However, in spite of these resemblances, I’m sorry to disappoint the witch hunters and those attempting to divert the community’s attention away from crime – Fred Allen is not Ozzie.”

Roger Imerman

Today the presentation was about the remarkable decrease in crime in Boquete in the past few months. After the arrest of Roger Imerman’s,  CTO, Fred Allen, aka Frederick Allen Osburn and the cessation of business by CPS, I suspect it will drop further. CPS and Roger turned out to be the problem, not the solution.

In the Presentation Mark Heyer took some time to explain the history of Roger Imerman and Frederick Allen Osburn going back years. Roger now claims he is an innocent dupe and many people in Boquete are looking at the photos on Boquete.ning to see if some of the recovered goods are their property.

In this case 20/20 hindsight works for me. It was clear to me Fred Allen was not an expert on the Internet, he demonstrated that in a public forum. It became clear Fred Allen was Frederick Allen Osburn, when people who knew him in the past identified him to me. It is now crystal clear Roger Imerman lied about the man and his identity and people were damaged. I wonder how much Roger, who is still walking the streets might have been complicit?

Roger wants us to believe he was duped, I personally believe that not even a mushroom could have forgotten Ozzie was wanted for burglary in Boquete when he fled in 2007, and that he was still wanted when he went to work with CPS.

Alto al Crimen working with community donations, posted a reward for the capture of Fredrick Allen Osburn, that reward was paid to the man who located him and brought the police to arrest him.

Alto al Crimen had created the Boquete 911 line to provide emergency services to people in the Boquete area. Happily it has been used more for auto breakdowns and medical needs than crime but it is there for all to use. The number is 6477-6662 for bilingual assistance, crime, medical, fire etc.

Services of Alto al Crimen are free, because the community makes donations. If you can, please donate, email info@altoalcrimen.org for information on how you can help keep Boquete a great place to live.

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