Boquete Panama Scooter Rental

Boquete Panama has a new method for exploration. Boquete Scooter rentals is located directly across the street from La Casona restaurant on Camino Principal, Bajo Boquete. For as little as $15 you can rent a scooter and tour the town.

As you can see above Boquete still has the more traditional four legged transport moving at a slower pace behind Alain.

Alain has invested in some nice very simple to ride scooters. They go almost 100 miles on a gallon a gasoline, have an automatic transmission and require just a drivers license.

Boquete Scooter Rentals is open 7 days/week 7AM-6PM. I took a test ride through town and up Volcancito. If you can ride a bicycle you can ride a scooter, it is much easier than a Motorcycle. The 100cc scooter was a bit too small to haul two people up hills but for one person it works well.

All things considered renting a scooter is an inexpensive and fun way to tour the town and the areas around Boquete.

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