Boquete Flower and Coffee Fair 2010

Why do people go to the Boquete Panama Flower and Coffee Fair?
There are more flowers at Mi Jardin es su Jardin. There is more coffee at my house or perhaps yours? Year after year I wander through this event and remember I never liked the Country Fair in Arizona either. The major differences between Boquete and Pima County are the discos here and all the animals there. Both places had plenty of street food. I made a decision to avoid the discos, too early in the day, I did try some food. The most interesting food I found was being served by an old fried, Giovy.


She has a small restaurant just below La Cabana serving Chorizos from Walter Maier. Walter Maier is a Panama City company that makes a sausage that is more familiar in taste to those you will find in Europe or North America. Giovy’s brother in law went to Vienna Austria to learn how to make sausage and the results are miles ahead of Berards or the others in Panama.

This oversized bun, hosts a Butiferra with sauerkraut, a rare find in Boquete. It was very good and brought back memories of grilled Johnsonville Sausage in Tucson. If you want give it a try visit the booth, if you enjoy the sausage you can buy them on your next trip to Panama City at Calle 68, Casa #4 in San Francisco.

The rest of the fair visit was uneventful, I think for excitement I will need to try the discos one night this week.

Boquete Coffee & Flower Fair

The  Boquete Coffee & Flower Fair will be held at the Boquete
Fairgrounds January 8 through the 18th.

The fairgrounds were badly damaged by our November flood. Although the damage is still visible but the fair grounds have been almost completely replanted by a joint effort of local business, individuals, and civic groups.

Boquete wants your support and patronage for this event this year more than ever. Come on up and enjoy our beautiful summer weather.

(Thanks Penny)

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