At Last…A 4 year old Dream is coming True! Our New Theater is A Reality!

Erin Ross has asked me to share this with you.

At Last…A 4 year old Dream is coming True! Our New Theater is A Reality!
We hope you will join us at the Grand Opening of the New Boquete Community Players Theater on Sunday November 22nd  at either 2:00pm or 7:00pm.
 A musical review sponsored by the Boquete Community Players will mark the official opening and inaugurate the theater component of the venue on November 22nd.
There will be lots of “Joyful Noise” made by both Panameño and Newcomer Musical Talent. Come and be a part of “Music,Music,Music”.
Performers from all segments of the community will entertain at a matinee and evening performance on that date. Among the musical highlights are the singing of Ana Elisa, the talented pre-teen that won the Panama national youth talent contest last year, and a number of popular singers, groups and bands from both Boquete and the surrounding communities. In addition,for this Special Event there will be Champagne and Appetizers available to purchase, to “Toast” the Achievement of having a place to “Play” in!! Of course our famous BCP BAR will also be open.

Don’t Miss This Gala Day in Boquete’s History…The Grand Opening of The BCP Theater!!

Thank You for all your support…we have a Humdinger of a Season coming up for YOU!!
Tickets for $10 per seat are on sale at Mail Boxes Etc. on the Main Street of Boquete.
We welcome you to Join Us.
The Boquete Community Players

Boquete Community Calendar

A heads up to this community first. After a meeting of many non profit and charitable groups in Boquete it was decided that it would be beneficial to the community if we had a single public calendar to which people could post events. I stuck my hand up and volunteered, hence we now have the Boquete Community Calendar.

At that meeting it was decided that all events in Chiriqui of interest to the Boquete community could be posted, both profit and non profit. So if you have a group and want to update the calendar you can. Just email me editor@boqueteguide.com and I will create a login for you. If you just want to enter an event you can but without an account I will need to approve it.

If you do use the calendar all we ask for is a link to it from your website and we will link it back to your website on the links page.

Here is the link for the calendar. http://www.boquetecalendar.com or http://www.boquetecalendario.com both go to the same place

Adventure in Paradise Days 2-4

This falls under travel stories from Boquete Panama because we started in Boquete Panama and brought part of Boquete with us on our travels. The deal was too good to pass up and more than a dozen familiar faces are to be seen on this ship and a few in this post.

First Stop Cartagena Columbia, a beautiful old city with a long history and across the bay a clean well maintained new city reminiscent of Panama City with cleaners streets, less chaos and little traffic. Panama could learn from Columbia.

This a a bit of the old fortress that tried to repeal repeated visits from English pirates, usually but not always successfully.photos-9952.jpg

The ocean as seen through the wall and below some Boquete pirates found wandering along the wall looking for a useful point of entry.

This is a view of Cartagena of today across the bay and we, the pirates and I walked there to prove that indeed a hotel Keith and Barbara had visited 23 years before was still there, it was.


After Cartagena we travelled to Santa Marta, a smaller city cleaning up for tourists and cruise ships, Colon might learn a bit about the potential from Santa Marta. We did have some wonderful entertainment on the ship, including a a well rehearsed dinner show from the wait staff in the dining room.

I will write a bit more about the actual cruise when we return next week, for now off to Aruba.

Music Camp frolics fund raiser

Gordon and Richelle Brown, who operate Guari Guari in Palmira Boquete Panama, have been the driving force behind a summer music camp in Chiriqui. The camp currently has twenty students from Casa Hogar Trisker and as last night demonstrated, wide community support.

Tammy’s restaurant and a bevy of local theatrical wannabes hosted a very comical and always hilarious community frolic called a Melodrama. Dana Applegate the instigator of the performance provoked normally competent and stoic people into hilarity.

As in the tradition of Melodrama everything was tied together and prompted.boquetemelodrama015.jpg
Jennifer Bennett and Jaime Clem sold trinkets, slinky things and made sure we knew when to groan.
This included the time Richard Lipner went agape watching

Phyllis McNaughton, the noted actress of Alto Jaramillo, tried to fly off the stage with only one arm flapping. (Phyllis this only works when descending the mountain.)


In the video below you get a taste of the subtle humor that pervaded the evening; as the consumption of red wine exceeded that of all other beverages. Bob Applegate, a man known for his skills as an editor and ability to beat on drums proves he can also read aloud.

A good time was had by many and others were to numb too notice. The revenue produced went to a good cause. Thank you to all the cast, all the back room help and both Tammy and Henry for doing a great job giving Cathy and Jackie food to toss at us. Next time we will need more popcorn to throw!!

Boquete Panama Charity Auction

On Sunday December 7 2008 the Boquete Panama community had the second annual Bid 4 Boquete Charity auction. The auction last year was small but this year the event was worthy of this photo of Boquete taken this morning from Jaramillo. boquete-auction004.jpg

When the count is in I suspect the participating charities will find a pot of gold to share for the benefit of the community.

The beneficiaries are the Handicap Foundation, Rotary Club of Boquete, Lions Club of Boquete and Buenos Vencinos (good Neighbors) Boquete. Each of these community organizations does good works and the funds from this event will go a long way toward allowing them to continue.


Here are two of the elves who gave up their Sunday to help at the event. Roger Pentacost and the event chairwoman, Cora Kent. Thank you for your efforts, they will make an impact.


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