The Boston Tsunami Effect

My deepest sympathies and wishes for a speedy recovery to the people who were injured and  to the families who lost loved ones in the horrible explosions at the Boston Marathon.  Hopefully you have good medical insurance and lawyers because you will be out of the headlines in a week and sadly like the 911 victims, you will probably abandoned to your own devices.

You are not the Boston Tsunami Effect.

Today at breakfast I heard the conspiracy theorists are already blaming Barack Obama and the US government for what was an act of butchery. At the time of this writing there are no publicly announced suspects for the carnage, but conspiracy plays into the hands of those who wish to discredit the US government and play the political blame game. It keeps us all distracted from the real issues.

I sincerely doubt the US government would create this type of incident, there are many who believe 911 was a government act, I do not. I do believe the government used the events of 911 to get Americans to consent to a massive erosion of their rights in the name of safety. I do suspect like 911 this event will birth new laws further restricting individual rights. The nature of government is to take power and never to relinquish it.

That is not the Boston Tsunami effect but it leading there.

As seems to happen after each Presidential election cycle we see a new wave of immigrants from the US to other parts of the world. People fleeing for political reasons. Panama and Boquete garners it’s fair share of that wave. The wave has been growing recently with people fleeing the “socialist” government of Barack Obama. People who are coming to Boquete looking for housing and properties in a far more socialist country than the one they are leaving.

There are two new reasons the wave will grow into a small Tsunami. Obama, the socialist, is offering to steal from all of us who paid into Social Security by using something called chained CPI which in essence will not allow Social Security to keep up with inflation. This offer to the Right is being accepted with open arms by some since it pilfers the worker to subsidize the wealthy. Not a very socialist act. If this happens, many Baby Boomers will be pushed out to sea with out row boat or oars as they retire, if they can ever retire.

The second reason is fear, fear is a great motivator. Now not only the fear of losing assets, not only the fear of inflation with decreased retirement income, not only the fear of hordes of immigrants but now add the fear of exploding pressure cookers. Pressure cookers can be bought without a license or background investigation, at least for now. You can also buy nails for shrapnel and mix them with basic gunpowder, a mixture of charcoal, saltpeter and sulphur. This is what some suspect was the low tech explosive of choice in Boston. No government can ever prevent the acts of insane people but they can try, and trying erodes the rights of all citizens.

I fear the Tsunami of potential immigrants who join those arriving here daily with no interest in being in Panama other than the fact immigration is easy and they read it was a good place to retire from someone selling beach front property. They are fleeing an old life because of fear, not coming to a new life for what it offers.

Immigrants who say to realtors things like, “I want a nice house but I don’t want no Mexicans next door” or “how come these people don’t speak English” or “that’s not the way we do it in Kansas!”  Guess what Todo,  you’re not in Kansas anymore. If you come to Panama thinking Panama is just like Kansas,  but with more freedom, be sure you pack your ruby slippers because you will need to click those heels to get back.



  1. Bjorn Sefeldt says:

    I do not think Obama nor the govt wasbehind this, neither do i believe the govt was behind the 9/11…..but one thing is interesting , mr Obama now calls this a “terrorist attack” (which it was), but 9/11 was a ” man caused disaster”….what is the difference? or why a change of words?

    btw, a co workers friend ran in Boston ,had just passed the goal line 10 minutes befopre bombs went off…but he could not find his wife after….but 2 hr later he found her at the hotel…couldnt reach her on the phone as I think they shut down them in a situation like this?

  2. El Chiricano says:

    I think Glenn Greenwald has the right take on this situation: See “The Boston bombing produces familiar and revealing reactions” at http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/apr/16/boston-marathon-explosions-notes-reactions.

  3. Mr. Lee – I’d strongly advise your staying out of U.S. politics. AND, that applies to the others in your area there.

    Seemingly, there’s neither the bandwith capability infastructure nor the many hyperlinks necessary to spend the hours searching for some sort of ‘answer’.

    You wrote:
    “Today at breakfast I heard the conspiracy theorists are already blaming Barack Obama and the US government for what was an act of butchery.”
    As has the SALON writer claiming that “IT HAD TO BE a ‘white guy’ from the Tea Party.”


    CNN, the headline: “Boston Marathon Bombs Have Hallmarks Of ‘Lone Wolf’ Devices, Experts Say.”

    “it is also a recipe that has been adopted by — “extreme right-wing individuals in the United States. Right-wing individuals utilize the same tactics, techniques as Al-Qaeda. “

    History has it in writing that:

    One of President Obama’s close friends is Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers got his start blowing things up, such as what happened at the Boston Marathon. Bill Ayers is well known as a bomber. He’s well known as a former terrorist, and Bill Ayers teaches. What if one of Bill Ayers’ students is out there trying to emulate him?

    One could take MANY, many directions, politically, with this tragedy. WAG the Tail of the Dog? Revisionist theory has it that FDR prodded Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor so as to end the Depression.

    I am far, far away from you and yours and I read your site just to glean information about my possibly moving there.

    I’d much rather read as to WHEN the airport in David is going to start to accept ‘direct flights’ from the USA and beyond, – as well as the roasting techniques used on your coffee beans.

  4. Dear R, Too bad!

    I will write what I want to write, you can choose to ignore, delete or read it. You can agree or disagree, I really do not care. As a Taxpaying American Citizen I still have as much right to express my views as you. Since Panama is tail wagged by the US what happens there effects all of us here, we are not in a vacuum. Perhaps if you read the total post realize it is aimed at YOU a potential immigrant, a bit more education on reality.

  5. c398x2@gmail.com says:

    The more things ‘change’ the more they stay the same. Kindda like termites and their mobility.

  6. Whats is up with all the imported blog comments? To be honest, the tsunami is welcome as long as they come to spend money, and appreciate the beauty of Panama.

  7. Bjorn Sefeldt says:

    whats up with this “[Comment imported from blog]”? that is all over the place….

  8. Trying to figure it out now

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