David Cabalgata 2013

A Cabalgata is a Horse Parade and the David Cabalgata is the biggest Horse Parade in Panama. It is one of those events I try not to miss. This was the fourth time I photographed it from the saddle, not easy when your horse has a mind of his own.

As this is Panama, the Cabalgata was scheduled to start at three and kicked off a bit after four. But no matter, the ladies were pouring rum from the back of pickup trucks and it gave us a chance to catchup with some friends.

Giovy & Mayara

Giovy & Mayara ready to roll

We started out riding with Giovy and Dimetreo from Aboquete, we rented the horses from them this year. I do have one horse, Chevy, but he is out in Bugaba getting fat and it was too difficult to move him to David, so Aboquete rent a horse was easier.

We ran into a few Boquetenos before the horses marched on.
Alcalde de Boquete PanamaAlcalde de Boquete Panama, Mano Ruiz[/caption]

Roger & Margaret Pentecost

Roger & Margaret Pentecost

We were photographed too, the Boquete camera club was there. I did not see many others from Boquete and no other expats I knew on horses, but with thousands of horses and riders we probably missed a lot of people.

Boquete Camera Club at work

Boquete Camera Club at work

The bands and pickup trucks full of rum do make for an interesting environment and this year the parade snaked through David. Most business surrendered for the day even if they were open, cars where not making much progress. Schools and government offices were closed all day and some other businesses closed at 1pm, crowds filled the streets especially near the end of the run.

Since this is best experienced visually and with sound. I did record the background noise but here are a bunch of photos. Click on any image to see it larger.

One final auditory note.


  1. Glad you see you won the contest again this year, Dink a lot of rum and not fall off your horse!

  2. Thanks Lee, great pictures. Everyone looks like they had a great time.

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