Today the Cabalgata in David

For me the Cabalgata in David, a parade of thousands of horses, is annual event I hate to miss. This year I plan head to David after the Tuesday meeting and to be in the heart of the parade chasing pickups that hand out cups of rum and blare loud music. If you plan to ride I hope to see you there, if you plan to watch please see if I m sitting straight in the saddle or need more rum.

If you plan neither, this is a good day to avoid David since traffic will be epic as the horses dominate everything. This is the biggest horse parade of the year in Panama and is great fun. Below is a map of the route, the parade starts at 3PM Panama time and expect the streets near Dolegita to be snarled for hours before as the horses and riders assemble.

cabalgata David Panama 2013

cabalgata route David Panama 2013

Here are some photos of previous Cabalgatas in David, 2009 and 2010. You might see a few familiar faces.

[flagallery gid=30 name=”Cabalgata”]


  1. I won’t be able to make it there till Thursday, I really hate to miss it :(

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