The no carnaval, carnaval of Boquete

I did not get to the Bid4Boquete Wine Tasting and silent auction, no tickets. Still it seemed like a good night to get out and enjoy the non carnaval atmosphere of Boquete.

Mayra and I went to enjoy the music at La Posada, it was mobbed. In fact all of the town was mobbed. I am convinced that Carnaval came to Boquete with all the people trying to avoid Carnaval in other parts of the country. Lots of folks were visiting from Panama City I noticed a face I had seen before in a corner table a La Posada, Mayra conformed the the President of the National Assembly, Sergio Galvez was sitting and enjoying the music.

Sergio Galvez & Ricardo Marinelli - La Prensa

Ricardo Marinelli & Sergio Galvez – La Prensa

This is the same Sergio Galvez who entertains the public by hamming it up for the press  cameras in both the assembly and outside of the chambers. He is also the generous politician who spent $675,000 government dollars buying 30,000 hams to give out to his constituents. A move called perfectly acceptable by the President of the Republic of Panama.  See La Prensa for more details about the ham handing out the hams.

I love politics in Panama, they are so very transparent and certainly a Carnaval in the own right.

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