Wifi for a day,

I did not plan on a one week a absence but WIFI was not available in the apartment we rented and access with Movistar is slow so here I am on the beach in ConCon Valpariso Chile a beautiful spot a short bus ride from Viña del Mar and a twenty minutes from the historic city of Valpariso. Although I have much to say I will keep this short and add a few photos. We will be returning to Panama Sunday, pass out and be back online Monday.

My recent pictures are on my iPhone and have not updated to photo stream yet so please be content with this singular image of a woman I do not know, posing next to a statute that was not of Don Quixote.

Chile is beautiful, the food excellent and a great place to visit, but unlike Panam, Chile is not home of the happiest people on earth. After almost a month on the road I think we are all looking forward to returning to Boquete.



  1. Awaiting your return Don Quixote.

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