Day 1: Arrival

It took more time to get to Tocumen than to get from Tocumen Airport to Buenos Aires. Traffic was maddening in Panama City, but within 24 hours of leaving Boquete we were in out Buenos Aires apartment in the Recoleta District.

As I anticipated, a high five to Copa, the trip become smooth the minute we entered the airport terminal. The plane boarded on time, a new Boeing 737-800. The last plane I flew in was an American Airlines flight to Miami in a plane that might have been thirty years old, this one still had some shrink wrap on it. Passenger comfort items included video screens with flexible programing in the language for each seat. Then they surprised us with free drinks and dinner. After than we tried sleep, it did not happen.

The only observation I can make about Immigration and Customs in Buenos Aires is that we never saw anyone with a gun and everyone was helpful. There were a group of Arab Americans in front of us who apparently did not bother to purchase their $160 Reciprocity Passes online. They were told that they needed to somehow go to the appropriate tax office, pay the fee and return to collect their passports. The office of course was not at the airport.

We were advised not to use a Taxi from the airport but to use a service called Remis, a van, and it also worked smoothly. Within 24 hours of leaving Boquete we were in our apartment in BA.

Before a nap  came breakfast, finding some local currency, getting local cell phone chips and filling the refrigerator. I confess we ate at one of the ubiquitous McDonalds in BA, due to shear exhaustion.

Buenos Aires McDonalds

We then marched to Movistar and bought cell phone chips, not exactly bought, they were free. In fact Movistar could not even sell us prepaid time, they sent us out to a kiosk to buy time. As of this moment we still have not found a kiosk that sells Movistar cards nor any other way that works to charge the phones.

Our trip to the grocery was far more fun than either McDonalds or Movistar.

Buenos Aires2

Argentine Pesos are currently about $.20 USD, so $48.70 is abut $9.74 a kilo, or $4.43 USD a pound for short ribs.

Buenos Aires3




Mayra’s first observation, we are not in Panama anymore.  Below, Dan, Deborah and Mayra discovered bags cost $.15 centavos each and if you want your meat and wine packed, you need to pack it yourself.

Buenos Aires4

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