Cedula E a step by step summary

This is how I did the process of getting a cedula E, one step at a time. You do not need an attorney, you do need to make two trips to the capital and you need some Spanish. With an attorney you only need one trip to the Capital, so, having an attorney might not be a bad deal. This post is only relevant to people who have Pensionado visas and carnets.

Trip one you need:

2 copies of your Pensionado carnet

1 copy of your Pensionado  resolution, I had mine notarized in Boquete, not sure if that is necessary

2 passport photos

Go to immigration in the Capital, dress appropriately. Try to get there as early as possible. Explain you need a new resolution for a Cedula E. If nothing has changed they will give you ticket beginning with a Y. If they do go in and look at the windows near number 20. If you see a window with a line of flappers and another with no one waiting, and a lady entering data go to the lady entering data and explain what you need. If I am right she will ask for your papers, keep a copy of your carnet and return the other to you with a stamp and a date. She will tell you to return on that date. Worst case sit down and wait until you are called.

If you are not married, or were married in Panama, go have a beer, you are done for the day. If you are married but not in Panama you want to register your marriage or your spouse will not officially be your spouse; just think of the possibilities.

You will need: A copy of your marriage license, apostilled by the Secretary of State of the State that issued the license.

A legal translation done by a licensed translator who stamps and signs each page.

One copy of each of your passports

A letter to the Director of the Tribunal Electoral in Spanish asking that the marriage be registered.

Take that pile of paper to the Tribunal Electoral in Panama City. You can do this in David also but it will take months to be recorded, not days.

Go to the second floor of the building to a window for extranjero affairs and ask to have it registered. They will review the documents and have you sign some authorizations. There is no charge. You can delegate this to another person with a signed, notarized power of attorney

You have completed day one.

When the date on the paperwork from immigration has come plan your next trip to the capital. Go to the Tribunal Electoral as early as possible, dressed appropriately, no shorts, shirt with a collar etc. Go to the first floor office of Extranjero affairs and ask if they have your papers from immigration for a Cedula E. If they do not have the documents you need to go to immigration and find the problem. If the papers are ready, they will ask you to wait a few minutes and then send you down the ground floor to pay for your Cedula. Be sure to tell them where you want them to send your cedula or it will mean another trip to Panama City.

You need $65 and two copies of your Pensionado carnet

Pay the money, take the post it note receipt back to the same office and wait again. Once they are ready they will give you another paper and send you back to the ground floor for finger prints and photos. They will tell you when to pick up your new Cedula.

When I have mine I will deal with car registration and drivers license changes.

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  1. Lee: mucho gracias for you detailed Cedula E a step by step summary. I thought that it might be more difficult. I guess that they will accept a Panamanian Marriage License from the Registro .