Saturday night, a good time for dancing in Boquete Panama

I was reading on Chiriqui chatter that the only live music in Boquete Panama is Mikes Global Grill; that is wrong. Last night we joined a small group of others dancing to latin beats at La Posada. When La Posada first opened I was unimpressed by their attitude and food. Now I find myself recanting and going their weekly, in fact I spend more time there than in any other place in Boquete.

La Posada is faux Argentine, the owner is from Argentina and has brought some good things with him. The pizza has become progressively better.  When my son was visiting we discovered their deep dish Tango pizza. I would never have considered it, but having someone who spent years in Illinois and much time in Chicago with me, with decided to try a deep dish pizza in Boquete. We were so impressed we returned three more times in three weeks and it was consistently excellent. I cannot shake an old college habit, cold beer and hot pizza for dinner, warm beer and cold pizza for breakfast; I do need to grow up a little.

La Posada Boquete Panama

Pizza La Posada Boquete Panama

My son is not a dancer but Mayra is so when we hear about live music for dancing, latin in particular we try to go. In the past the only venue has been Coca Cola, a disco in Los Naranjos. Now La Posada is a real option. They do not always have live music and sadly do not promote it to the expat community, but there are at times banners up on the road coming into town.

La Posada Boquete Panama

Music at La Posada Boquete Panama

Boquete continues to evolve into more of a hub for food, entertainment and culture. I am enjoying the evolution.


  1. Your article implies that I wrote, in Chiriqui Chatter, that the only live music in Boquete is Mike’s Global Grill. If you reread that post, you will see that it was written by Bill McGraw and he requested I post it.

    I often post announcements and other requests for free in my blog. I take full credit for anything I write under my name, but take no responsibility for the accuracy of what is written by others.

    I am sure that wasn’t the intent of your statement and I am just setting the record straight. Here was my post if you want to reread it.


  2. Don, I apologize for any misconception I might have caused.

  3. Not a problem Lee. It just wasn’t clear.

  4. Bruce Laidlaw says:

    You’re right about the food getting better there over the last couple of trips we’ve made. We haven’t had the pleasure of live music but I hope next year we will. By the way – the Pollo a la Parilla – 1/2 chicken with some killer sides was superb – and only $5.95. Man, was it ever good!

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