NoticiasChiriqui.com a new site to bookmark

Normally I would be posting about last nights fabulous Bid4Boquete wine tasting event, but I am not going to succumb to personal temptation. Instead I posted that to a new site http://NoticiasChiriqui.com

NoticiasChiriqui is an idea that fermented for some time after the death of the Bajareque Times, what was a Boquete Community Newspaper. The Bajareque was a monthly mostly feel good paper, NoticiasChiriqui is not. The idea behind NoticiasChiriqui quickened after the last indigenous crisis. We need a good means of communicating information, fast. Print cannot do the job, the internet can.

Yesterday I posted on BoqueteNing asking if there were people willing to help me duplicate the CNN I report concept, lots of people each of whom can contribute a little. News, opinions, useful information and more. The response was so positive I worked on creating a new website.

I will be an editor and really need at least another editor, because we need to check content to avoid lawsuits. I will also contribute, but if I become the sole writer, the site will have failed it’s purpose and I will abandon it.

If you want to be part of NoticiasChiriqui and write when ever the urge hits you are invited. You can signup at NoticiasChiriqui

Please join the fun, if you use twitter all updates will twitter to @chiriqui_panama


  1. Tried to sign up, but the site wouldn’t accept any of my user names. Not sure what it is calling for.

  2. I also tried to sign in. To the best of my knowledge I’ve never accessed this site before but it wouldn’t accept any of the various combinations of user name and passwords I tried. Come On Lee, make it easy. Most of us can’t be bothered with remembering the dozens and dozens of usernames and passwords we’ve established over the years. How about using your email address for user name?

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