Gringos in David

Not a pejorative but a Yahoo group worth knowing. Most cyber meeting places stay in cyberspace, but when Scott and Shirley Bickers started “Gringos in David” they wanted a way to find real people who have moved to Chiriqui from outside Panama. They have done an excellent job not only with a useful Yahoo group online but getting people together twice a month.

I have found this Yahoo group very helpful and although in Boquete we have the very fine and organized Boquete.org it is edited and groomed, the Yahoo group is a far more open occasionally irritating free flow of ideas.



  1. You are right about the gringos in david group, it gets pretty free wheeling there at times but there is good info to be found, i recently opened a backpackers hostel in david panama and about 6 members have stopped by since i posted there. we are bambu hostel and we have a pool in san mateo david panama http://www.bambuhostel.com

  2. BOHMFALK’S BAR, of Bocas fame, is opening tomorrow, July 4th. We will be serving gringo bar food, cocktails and ice cold beer. Our new location is on Calle Primera, next to the hotel Los Rivera, formally Bernards, in Dolegita, David. 12 to 12. Closed Tuesdays. Stop by for a cold one!!!

  3. I’m interested in those who have shipped their vehicle by ship. My Honda Pilot is an ’05 and I really don’t want to buy another one there.

    Would it be worth it to do so, or will the vehicle arrive in good condition and inside a container?

  4. I would like to meet american people living in David (Male) Iam 44. hope can go back next year to star my own business (raise beef cow)

  5. Hi, I will move to panama and hopefully will get in to the pensionado-program.
    Can anybody tell me if it is worth to take my car overthere?
    I have a very nice Honda civic with many extras, I really love this car- well its only a car- but still-

    Thank you so much

  6. Hi, I am just wondering are there any Gyms in David

  7. Hi where can I make friends in David.
    I am a single women and retired.
    Is there any place where a single women can go?

  8. Hi, Is there somebody who recently went through the pensionado-program?

    Would like to know how long it takes.

    And how much the fee is?

    How much is the fee for an attorny?

    And has somebody the name and adress?
    That would be very helpfull

    Thank you for your time


  9. Hello, knows anybody how the flight-connection is between Hamburg,Germany and David,Panama?

    What I saw so far on the internet I always have to stay one night in Panama city.

    Thank you

  10. I moved from the the States in March to David. We opened a small restaurant and café here in David called Maná Grill. Quality is high and prices are very reasonable.
    We would like to invite all the Gringos living in Chiriquí to come visit us. We would like to make new friends!
    Take a look at our website: http://www.restauranteycafemana.webs.com for menu. prices and dirrections.
    Hope to see you soon!!!

  11. I want to move some of my stuff to David, Panama from Seattle,WA or Vancouver,BC. I would only need the space of a third or half a 20ft container. Anyone interested in sharing a container? That could cut the price down quite a bite. dancaoal@hotmail.com

  12. I am interested in anything that anyone in David Panama has learned about HOA’s in Panama. We have raw land with no homes built yet, but it’s 90% solf and we would like to register covenants and retrictions against the lands. We need some help understanding the process.

    has anyone experienced this for themselves in Panama? Could you enlighten me so I know which direction to go with setting this up

    Many Thanks



  13. I heard about this 2 american women who were shot on the way from panama city to a beach-resort.

    Do I have now to be concerned about moving to Panama?

    Maybe somebody can give me an opinion on that.

    thanks so much

  14. RosaMaria Horna says:

    CALL 6894-5740 FOR DIRECTIONS!!

  15. Hello,

    I too, would like to know if there are any gyms in the David area, also.
    We are considering moving to Panama also, but have not decided on an exact location quite yet.


  16. david brunk says:

    Hi some info please.Is there financial aid available for single mom families in Panama.Who would I contact.
    Thanks for your time.
    David Brunk

  17. There is a Gym on aveneda francisco clark in David – right across Karen’s Material (they sell cement and building material)

  18. William Shetz says:

    The American Legion is holding it’s winter meetings in David January 20, 2010 from 9:00a.m. till 5:00p.m. at the posada del sol. Any veterans interested in learning about the availability and type of benefits in Latin America can contact us in advance at americanlegion2@gmail.com


  19. Steve McKenzie says:

    I am wanting to permanently relocate from Hawaii to Latin America & Panama comes highly recommended. Any info with regards to obtaining construction work would be greatly appreciated. Are contractors there hiring or could I start my own buisness. I am New Zealand Trade Certified with 28 years experience in all facets of residential & light commercial construction & have an Associate Degree in Architecture. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Mahalo Nui Loa
    Steve McKenzie

  20. I am interested in knowing anything and everything that you all migh have experience with in terms of starting or creating a Home Owners Association in Panama.

    We bought LAND only in a community called Tropical Places. They want to start up a HOA, however, we only have Land, and there were no restrictions placed on our land when we purchased it. Now some want a HOA.

    Seems like a HOA would be great if we had a home, but what if we just have land.

    Can they force us to join the HOA against our will?

    Can they create a HOA then register it against our title to our land?

    Just wondering if you, or anyone has any thoughts on this.

    Thanks and enjoy the warm weather, we are in Canada FREEZING.


  21. Rey Morgan says:

    How many Gringos are currently living in Chiriqui? Any idea.

  22. We will be moving to Boquete from Florida at the end of March, 2010. Can someone who has recently arrived recommend a shipper? I don’t have an entire household, but I do have some things I want to bring.
    Thank you! Jerry

  23. To Linda: (above or Lndia which is probably a spelling error,) An HOA is something that your lawyer will want to force on you because the lawyer makes money from it. It can also protect your community because it may say that no vicious dogs can be allowed on the properties and will list which types, and perhaps no noise after 11pm, and perhaps not having a junk yard of cars on your property, or perhaps all roofs have to be red and only certain house designs are allowed. An HOA is a personal document, usually put together by a group of shareholders in a Corporation who own property, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. It’s a set of rules than can only be passed by a majority vote, and just because you didn’t vote for that rule, doesn’t mean you don’t have to abide by it. If it’s passed, it’s the law. Tell me more about “Tropical Places”. Where in Canada are you from? Send me your e-mail and I can answer you more directly……..Thanks.

  24. Karen T says:

    We bought a little house in Algaborro, David, but we need to do some renovations, does anybody knows someone around that area who can do some renovations? like adding railings with spindles, kitchen cabinetry etc. I do not think I can get a home depot around there..
    thank you
    Karen T

  25. patricia says:

    hi! i am am a,erican working here in david as a language teacher, one of my groups at the university needs to practice there speaking skills, they are having an activity this saturday (march 13th). i want them to interact with native english speakers. there will be a brindis offered to anyone who would participate. (free) would any one be interested in participating? please let me know, thanks. patricia (luna_santos143@yahoo.com)

  26. patricia says:

    oops, i meant to say american teacher not a,erican

  27. Dear Patricia:
    It is “their speaking skills” not “there”. Your first sentence is a run-on with two comma splices. Furthermore, Panamanians are Americans also. America runs from Canada (North America) to South America.

  28. I would like some information about seeing sea turtles laying eggs in panama…any info would be appreciated. i have a freind that want to go to Bocas , personally i dont like it there so am looking other option…cheers

  29. Dear all of you (advisers):
    I am interested in visiting Panama but don’t like to spend much money for an attorney to get a pensionado status. How long can I stay in Panama on a single visit and what is the exact purpose of a ‘Multiple Entry Permit’? Is it true that if you don’t have an MEP then you can’t get back into Panama after a short visit to Costa Rica?

  30. I did receive a message from Boquete Guide saying that the MEP is only applicable on a ‘Jubilado’ (Panama-born(?))status. I will apply for a Pensionado (foreign-born) status. Any comments?
    Also, there is another area I need clarification on: The application need to be done while in Panama but the documents need to be submitted to a panamanian embassy/consulate?

  31. If you are born in Panama you do not need a Visa, you go to the Tribunal Electorial prove your birthright and get a cedula and then you can get a Panamanian passport. If you apply for any visa other than a tourist visa you need a Multi entry visa to leave the country until you have a permanent visa.

  32. i was wondering if anyone could help me out.

    my 6th and 7th grade groups at American school have been practicing interviews. i would like to invite some native English speakers, or advanced english speakers to come spend time with the kids.

    i would like to allow the kids to interview different people, asking about simple things like personal information and likes-dislikes, and asking opinions on different topics they have prepared.

    i will be able to have these interviews only this week- Wednesday (November 17) from 12-2 for 7th grade and Thursday (November 18) from 12-2 for 6th grade. please let me know if you or anyone else is interested. my home phone number is 730-3435, cell phone is 6903-4550 and my e-mail is luna_santos143@yahoo.com

    thanks for your help,

    Patricia Pagel

  33. Hi, I am visiting David at the end of April and am a bit confused about shots to get. Do I need a Hep A vaccine? Thanks

  34. Wow it did so now I will retype everything or near it what took me forever to type lol. Hi, I’m Karla and I’m hoping to locate my birth father named Eduardo Alicides Szczr Or Szczr Evans or any of his other children. While i was born in David, I left with my mother at the tender age of 3 and have never been able to make a solid contact with my dad or his sons. He lives in Cerro Punta and I’d love nothing more than to meet and get to know this man and my siblings that I was taken away from at such a young age. I can be contacted at 1-706-464-8581. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated, thanks, Karla I. Szczr.

  35. Hello,
    My name is Carrie and I am from the US. Hoping someone may be able to help me out with some information I am seeking.

    I am hoping you may be able to give me some information about an organization in Panama. The organization is the Valley of the Moon Eco-Demonstration project in the highlands of Panama in Chiriqui Province. I am considering a possible investment with the organization and any ideas on their reputation in the area. Any information you could give me would be very helpful. It is run by a Dr. Rima Laibow.


  36. i’m looking for a house or apt rental here in boquete. no more than $500-$550.

  37. Chuck Jernigan says:

    Hi, does anyone have volunteer work for free private room. I mostly like being around animals, but any ideas let me know. I’m bored here in David and I need a life. Thanks. Chuck Jernigan

  38. Chuck Jernigan says:

    By the way my email is chuckjer@yahoo.com

  39. Monica Isaza says:

    Hi my name is Monica Isaza, and i am lawyer in David, Chiriqui, i am speciality in PENSIONADOS VISA and all Visas in Panama, Corporation and Fundations, but my best speciality is in PENSIONADOS VISA. Reasonable Fast and Dependeble Service. $850.00 by person and $1,400.00 (a couple)+ goverment stamps ($24.00), pictures ($1.50), medical certificate ($5.00), translate ($10 letter page and $15.00 legal page), inmigration temporal ID ($30.00), copies ($0.10 by page), and if you want a multi visa because have to travel out to Panama ($50.00). fast and confidential. English Spoken. my cell phone is 6948-1703 and house phone 730-5107. References from English speaking clients aveiable.

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