Frederick Allen Osburn, Arrested in Boquete

He might not be Wild Bill but this expat, convicted once in Nevada for possession of child pornography, was arrested in Boquete yesterday. He was wanted for various offenses, theft of $500 from Roger Imerman, theft of a computer in Valle Escondido, planting trojans on various public computers to capture banking information, theft of a purse from a local business woman, Jackie Athanasiadis and more. Ozzie was using an alias of Fred Allen and working on computers for Computer Protection Services (CPS).

If you were one of the people who attended a movie shown by CPS, the computer being used was one that was taken by Fred Allen from a woman in Valle Escondido under the pretext of donating it to a local school. Once again, a legal theft, no gun, no break in.

When captured by the police Ozzie had a false passport and documents stolen from Jackie Athanasiadis, the owner of Mali Chic, in AltoBoquete, in his possession. He was identified by Roger Imerman who had previously denied that Fred Allen of CPS was Fredrick Allen Osburn.

This is important news. The local police worked with Alto al Crimen a local group to identify, locate and arrest Ozzie. Ozzie is now in jail in Boquete and hopefully will spend a significant amount of time behind bars in a Panamanian prison.

It is just as important to Panama and to all of us that Panama stop being a haven to people who bring their criminal past with them. Capturing them and putting them behind bars is a clear message.

If Ozzie or Fred Allen even touched your computer I urge you to download virus and malware scanning software and scan your computer. It is likely that it has a key stoke logger on it. Check you bank and credit cards for possible theft and misuse.There is more informaiton posted on how to do this at this link on Crime stoppers.

I hope to have more information and a photo later today.


  1. Bjorn Sefeldt says:

    I`m glad to hear that the “shady characters in the sunny place” are coming out from the shade = being caught.
    good job, and for me sitting in the other country, it seems these arrests happen quicker in Panama than in the good `ol USA….or at least not less fast ,for sure.
    So safety issues dont seem to be worse in Panama than here, as I previous mentioned long ago in another thread.

  2. Does this mean that CPS will be removing its shingle now that its chief technologist has been identified?

    It is an assumption on my part that this was CPS’s chief technologist.

  3. So after all the crap of Roger publicly denying on this very forum that CPS Fred was in fact Osburn, and all his rants and raves on this forum about you personally… it turns out the fact is that Roger was lying. Wow… how many ways can you think to say ‘credibility completely destroyed’… in my book that makes him as much of a douche-bag as Osburn himself.

    I’m guessing you won’t see an apology from Roger on the forum… he’s obviously Pond life scum of the lowest order!

    Great job Lee for calling this out weeks ago!

  4. Bjorn Sefeldt says:

    interesting tidbit in the story…:
    “arrested in Boquete yesterday. He was wanted for various offenses, theft of $500 from Roger Imerman”…

  5. Robert Boyd says:

    Isn’t there a charge for harboring a fugitive?

  6. It seems that the truth has won out here….Roger calls the truth “slander”?

    He might try taking responsibility for his inaction? (A trait many American entrpeneurs lack these days..responsibility)

    He hired this con unknowingly but he kept him as an employee after the fact?

    Totally amazing and unacceptable to all of us!

  7. Hello there good people,

    I am thrilled this criminal was caught! And glad again that Lee, Rodrigo and many others were on the warpath to capture this guy, convinced he was the shady character he obviously is.

    They persisted because of their passionate convictions and their desire to protect our community. To protect you, me, everyone who lives here. Thank you.

    I had visited the CPS site when I began reading these threads, somewhere in the middle of the saga, and it really had a lot of red flags that spelled … well, “scam” to me.

    (When I read vulgar, angry posts such as the one above by “jack” I am bewildered. There is just no need to be so ugly and uncreative in word choice.)

    It appears Mr.Imerman has apologized, and rather publicly. I know that doesn’t change history, and I imagine he feels quite humiliated; It really is hard to believe, in the face of so many urging himm– literally begging him –to open his eyes, that he could have remained so naive. But there it is. It’s done.

    Thank you.

  8. Roger was a complicit part of the entire affair. He lied then and he is lying now. He denied in public and private who his partner was endangering any person who trusted him. I wonder if he will make reparations to those who suffered losses due to his lies.

  9. So much for roger great knowledge of the Police and Police Procedures as a former Police Officer back in the USA!

    He is nothing more than a lazy person who came to Panama to get rich on the backs of others!

    With his past as a so called Criminologist, he is incapable do or run to a basic background security check?

    His getting chummy with the local National Police and all his big contacts in the Panamanian Government should have foretold, this man was way over his head, especially here in Panama.

    He is now a party to criminal activity!

    Guilt is always by association.

  10. i thoroughly enjoy your very open reposts on the crime scene in panama. why doesnt international living do this? international living instead becomes very defensive when crimes are reported in countries they are promoting. incidentally, i cannot get the password that has been sent to me to work. thanks, ray

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