Road trip from Boquete to Cerro Punta

Cerro Punta is only a few kilometers from the Quetzal trailhead in Boquete Panama, a few KM on foot. If you want to avoid the hike you need to drive to David, toward the frontier with Costa Rica, through Volcan and up the right fork at Romeros in Volcan.

Whether you live in Panama or not Cerro Punta is a site worth visiting. Cerro Punta is the vegetable basket of Panama and has amazing farms that run almost vertical in the volcanic soil.


There is also the amazing Fina Dracula orchid farm, well worth a visit and if you like orchids a tour through their collection.


If you do go to Cerro Punta watch out for the fumigation. Along with the beauty is the reality that Panama has a very high usage of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals and Cerro Punta on a day of fumigation is unbearable. The Smithsonian Institute has a wonderful simple PDF for classroom use expalin the pesticide problem, download it here. Think about the food stuffs that do come from there that we eat daily. A good friend who has lived in Volcan for many years suggests looking for vegetables that look like they have been munched on by a bug or two, better for the bug, better for you too. There is a growing market and supply of organic foods in Panama, in particular for fruits and vegetables it is really important.

There are lots of photos below.


  1. We were so lucky to see this post. We are visiting the area next month, and considering a move to Boquette or Volcan. After seeing the spraying, we understand that we will have to be very careful in making our choice. I grow organic vegatable about five months out of the year for my family. Health is a major concern. How did you feel about your safety on your visit? Thanks, A.L

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