US citizens, A final plea for your vote

I am sitting in Boquete Panama; I am here in part for economic advantage, in part because of politics. I confess to taking full advantage of some great tax benefits in the US tax code that encourage US companies including mine to move jobs offshore. Those tax benefits will likely disappear under Barack Obama and they like so much corporate welfare, (corporate socialism, if you prefer the term) should disappear. The concept of encouraging companies to move jobs back to the US is more than logical it is essential.

Until November 2000 I like George Carlin believed it did not matter who was elected president and that my vote did not count. After 2000 I know every vote counts and after the past 8 years of disaster I know it does matter who is elected.

If you are in the US and could possibly still be undecided about how or even if you should vote on November 4th please watch this 27 minute video.

Vote for hope and a future for our children, vote for hope not hate; vote for Obama.

This Daily Show interview is also worth a few minutes.


  1. Thanks – I have already voted for McCain/Palin. And I’ll avoid the temptation to make a snarky comment about your candidate…

  2. Clyde Keith says:

    Dear Lee,
    Thank-you for your perspective and past blogs regarding this year’s election, I, too, will be voting for Mr. Obama. I believe Mr. Obama will not only be good only for the U.S.A., I think he will help us become a respected member of the international community, again. These past 8 years have set us so far back. Mr. Obama and his Administration will need as much support as we can give them.

    Clyde Keith

  3. Hi Lee,

    I love your blog and hope to sit down and meet you over a cold Balboa when (and if) the US real estate market recovers even slightly enough to get me to Panama. That being said…if elected, the Obama legacy will make George Bush look like Thomas Jefferson. Your grandchildren will never understand, or forgive you, for falling for such a scam. He does deliver a nice speech, however. I’ve got a little piece of land up on El Salto Road that I am about to rename “Nobama”.

    Dan in San Diego

  4. If he wins lets switch countries. Keep drinking your Kool-Aid

  5. Fran Hogan says:

    Thank you Lee. I voted for Obama, too. He is the ONLY hope for the restoration of democracy in the USA, and the ONLY hope for the USA to regain international respect. He is the ONLY honorable candidate.

  6. Please forgive me sticking my Canuck nose into American politics, but what happens in the US affects the whole world. I remember, as a boy, rushing home to watch John F. Kennedy’s press conferences. I was in awe of the man, and it was a tragic day when he was taken away from us. It was the death of Camelot in America. Not since that time have I ever been truly inspired by any American President.

    Over the last eight years the US has become a symbol of ridicule because of George Bush’s bumbling and fumbling. The US has lost its rightful place as the leader of the free world and current events show that the policies of his government have failed miserably, from the economic meltdown, failed education and health care, to the costly war in Iraq. Not only have sons and daughters been sacrificed for the problems of a foreign country, but how can anyone justify spending 10 billion dollars a month when the US economy is in meltdown, yet Iraq has a 79 billion dollar surplus?

    It is indeed time for change and Senator Obama’s vision clearly is what America needs right now. In a world-wide poll, some 84% of people would vote for Senator Obama. That clearly shows that the world is looking for optimism and hope and credibility, and someone to take charge and make sense out of government again. Senator Obama is our only hope and I truly hope Americans will realize how disastrous the same old, same old will be under McCain.

    Yes, Senator McCain has served his country with honour, but his time has past. Consider that he is 72 years old and has suffered four major bouts with cancer. God forbid, if something happens to him, can you just imagine what the world will think of President Palin? Credible as she may be, she is not ready to assume the Oval Office. She will make George Bush look like Einstein by comparison.

    McCain continues to attack Obama’s as a “socialist” because he used the phrase “redistribute the wealth” to describe a more fair tax policy. He has suggested that giving those who do not pay tax a “rebate” is simply “welfare”. How then can he justify giving billions of dollars to banks and failed companies like AIG? Isn’t this corporate welfare? What is the difference?

    I pray that Tuesday is the dawn of a new day for America under the skilled guidance of President Obama. The world is watching and they desperately need a sign that things will get better.

  7. Charlotte Newman says:

    Here! Here! Gary

    You got that right.

  8. If I may reply to Gary the Canadian…

    1. America was never Camelot, with our without the Kennedy family. A complete myth – it’s always been a struggle. Everyone hates us until they have their ass in a jam. We have our warts, and have made mistakes, but remain the greatest country on earth.
    2. Many countries (including Spain, Germany, France, Mexico, and even your Canada) have tried the Socialist experiment (it doesn’t work), and have now returned to a more conservative government.
    3. Of course the world wants us to choose Obama – so they can cheer as we spend our country down the toilet.
    4. Worst of all, even if Obama wins and the country goes to hell, Democrats will continue to blame Bush for all their failures into eternity.
    5. Who would Bin Laden, Chavez, Castro and that nut in Iran vote for?? Right.

    Now leave us alone so a few of us can move to Boquete before the whole thing crumbles. One more letter from you, Mr. Canuck, and we come up and take your oil and your premium Strippers.


    US of Amerika

  9. Charlotte Haluska says:

    Politics should not be addressed in this website. There are enough problems with price gouging in Panama and screwing people with a few bucks. Panaminian Government should be protecting the people of Panama, those that started this wonderful place — what I see is getting into Governmental affairs, taking care of the people with $$$$ and forgetting what Panama is all about and the people that started all…. This is only my opinion and I hope the Americans coming into Panama respect the Panamanian people. I will probably be reprimended by many, but, think of someone other than yourself and the people of PANAMA.

  10. I agree with Charlotte. Politics are not a good vent for this website. We have far too many of those already. I have really enjoyed MOST of the things you inform us about … and look forward to checking Boquete out as a potential retirement spot. I think the fact that you LEFT the USA should say something about how much your opinions should count about the upcoming election.

    The fact that most people in other countries support Obama is a good reason for Americans whole believe in a strong USA to distrust him. I certainly do!!

    Gina & Mike

  11. Fran Hogan says:

    For the obviously uninformed, a “A blog (a contraction of the term “Web log”) is a Web site, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog)

    Your political commentaries are appreciated. Keep ’em coming! I hope you won’t take seriously those who find it appropriate to dictate what YOU should and should not post on YOUR blog.

    Oh, and BTW…. viva Obama!

  12. Lee and Fellow Boquete Guide Readers,


    I certainly appreciate the stories and images from the Republic of Panama!

    If I may offer my $.02. Regarding the recent U.S. political elections. I enjoy and like Obama. He sounds committed to his agendas. However. I enjoyed and liked McCain just a little better.

    Most often, a President is a stateman for our country. Congress is where the real business is handled. Humorously, the comedians have made fun of President Bush’s declining approval ratings (today around 35 percent), even more frightening is our own U.S. Congressional approval rating (today around 25 percent).

    I personally would feel more comfortable about our nation’s future (and my own future) under a McCain administration. I would like to feel comfortable under the upcoming Obama administration, although I have few concerns. I hope and pray that President Elect Obama does a good job and strives to meet most of his campaign promises.

    Although I don’t agree with each of his agendas, I hope the bottom line will be an prosperous America.

    But even more so. Hopefully, the newest class of Freshmen Congress will achieve a higher approval rating than this recent session, and strive to improve the American quality of life.


  13. Reply to Dan U.S. of Amerika

    Why do you people continuely try and convince the rest of the world how stupid you really are. You don´t have to try, we already no. Truly mindless.


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