Mothers Day in Panama

Today, December 8th is Mothers Day in Panama. We were not prepared for the importance of Mothers Day in Panama. It is not the trivial event of Mothers Day in the US. Here Mothers day is a major holiday, many people have the day off from work, banks and government are shut down and the retailers propare for the Christmas rush which offically starts now.

We went to David yesterday for some medical tasks and I took Jennifer to one of her favorite places for lunch.

Palacio David Panama

The Palacio was the first Chinese restaurant we discovered in David. It is easy to find, if you head into David from the KFC in the Pan American Hwy just drive into town until you pass Romeros, make a gentle right and drive a few blocks the Palacio will be on your right side. Lots of free parking.

Normally we would eat the $2.25 lunch specials, wonderful stuff. But we walked into a mothers day party.


Actually the crowd was just leaving as we went in but it was quite crowd so we spluged and had a Cazuela de Mariscos, a yummy seafood hot pot. Almost as good as Jackson Street in San Francisco at half the price.


This place an good choice for a low cost Chinese meal in David. I prefer the Chinese Steakhouse but the Palacio is a good second fiddle.

Rest rooms are acceptable, food is very good. Atmosphere busy and very active.


  1. It is a good thing there are plenty of Chinese restaurants. This one is not on my favorites.

  2. Discovering your weblog has been such a joy!! Between the coffee, and the posts about your life, I’m hooked.


  3. this is what you need so here I go and restaurants

  4. I just recieve a text from my boyfriend, he is living in the US but is from Chiriqui, Panama and just told me it was Mothers Day in Panama. Funny how each country has this observed on different days. Nice that it is observed as a major holiday. While I have only heard the stories about Panama, I am looking forward to going one day.

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