The rains of Boquete Panama

In Costa Rica they call this the Green Season, in Boquete Panama it is just rain. Boquete is in a rain forest, if it did not rain, it would be a desert. I fled the Sonoran Desert to rehydrate in the hills of western Panama. I love the rain but since so many people fear the rain I though I would write a bit about my observations on the weather here.

At this lime of the year we enjoy beautiful clear mornings, usually followed by a few hours of rain. In October the the the amount of rain increases into day long events, then they slack off again into a dry season that starts in December and ends in April.

In my experience the dry season is the most difficult time here, not the rainy season. There is too much sun for me during the dry season and it gets warm.

Boquete has one other interesting aspect, it is rarely hot and although occasionally cold not really enough to justify heating or cooling in houses. Consequently local residents can forget about large heating and cooling bills.

For much more information on the weather here including real time information follow this link to a great local resource.

Boquete Weather Link


  1. What about bugs? I have heard that the mosquitos come out in the rainy season but that was from flatlanders at the beach.

  2. Mosquitos are rare up this high but they are slowly coming higher as things are getting warmer.

  3. Judy Sacco says:

    Coffee flies are nasty little biting things, but if you don’t have coffee trees surrounding your house, you won’t be troubled by these. I rarely see a mosquito here at 4,000 ft. But this is the tropics, and there are bugs – ants, wasps, spiders & scorpions (technically not bugs), etc. There are also some really beautiful, colorful bugs.

  4. You got it right Lee….rainy season is our favoritetoo!!!


    PS My wife and I look at one another when the subject of bugs come up and laugh at each other saying; “Bugs? What bugs?” Of course our comparison of Panama is with Alaska. I recall reading a comparison of how bad the mosquitos were during construction of the Panama cannel where the biologist simply said, “Ha. Alaska has exponentially more mosquitoes then Panama…..”. I think this likely also holds true for small biting flies etc.

  5. I miss the rains of Boquete – particularly since I’m in drought stricken Northern California where I’ve had a sore throat for a week due to all the smoke in the air from 1400 forest fires!

    Our first trip to Boquete was during the month of July and the cool rains were delightful. I too wish to rehydrate. The rainy season is A-OK by me.


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