Restaurante Renegado in David

Saturday required a road trip from Boquete Panama to the provincial capital in David Panama. Road trips consume copious amounts of energy and in addition to paying the ridiculous $4.53 a gallon for diesel fuel my new friend Hand and I needed to refuel ourselves too.

Hand did some simple analysis and determined a good meal was warranted and we selected the Restaurant Renegado which is located on the Interamerican Highway.

Hand has an affinity to things dark, since it’s supporting role in the Adams Family Television series had a long term influence, so we decided to try the Paella Arroz Negro, a savory blend of seafood and rice cooked with squid ink. The dish was served with a garlic laden aoli and despite the fact we were drinking beer the chef brought us some Sauvigonon Blanc wine to provide an enhanced taste experience. Hand was gracious enough to pose for a photo dishing out the Paella, it think the wine encouraged it.

Hand declared the Paella the best it had tried since playing a role in the South of France. The service was excellent, the food divine and the $9 a person for a Paella very reasonable.

If you decide you need a refueling in David Hand and I both recommend the Renegado and their savory Paella.


  1. Glad to see you have made it to Renegado’s. For good food, it can’t be beat.

  2. Thanks Don! It was your recommendation that took us there.

  3. Coming into David on the David-Boquete Highway, which direction on the Interamerican Highway?

  4. Helen you turn right toward Price Smart and it is across from Auto Centro

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