Finca Lerida, A best kept Secret made public

I am entering my 20th month living in Boquete Panama. In all that time running about, eating here and there, touring this and that I never heard about Finca Lerida on the slopes of Volcan Baru. Now that I am in the know I am sharing the wisdom.

Finca Lerida is not in the center of Boquete and therefore not well known even in town, It is however worth discovering. John Collins is the resident director of the large ecological sanctuary overlooking the town. They have hundreds of hectares of forest and coffee, home to many of the birds and plants people come to Panama to see.

On site is a Bed & Breakfast, an eleven room ecolodge and a very good restaurant. You can also buy bags of the same types of coffee you will enjoy as you sit and watch the clouds roll overhead or below.

Although I have not done the coffee tour I have been told John provides and excellent bean to the cup tour and since they do entire process of planting, maintaining, harvesting, cleaning, drying, roasting and drinking coffee on the Finca all steps are there to be seen.

Finca Lerida has a website and I recommend it for more details. If you are coming to Boquete and want be out of the bustle of downtown you might want to consider staying a Finca Lerida and by your very presence contributing to the goals of conserving this beautiful area.

If you in Boquete and have no idea how to get to the Finca there is a map “borrowed” from the Finca Lerida Website with these few photos.


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