Two New English Language Panama News Web Sites

Last week there was to my knowledge two websites with English language news in Panama. The Panama Guide is run and edited by Don Winner and contains both lots of facts and his opinions; often with a thin line between the two. The other the Panama News a nice online newspaper with it’s own reporting by Eric Jackson.

This week there are two new sites, one English News Panama, a full online newspaper with translated articles, opinions, ads, forums a very nice job.

The other one I created before I knew about English News Panama, Panama News Briefs. It by design is nothing fancy, news feeds from La Prensa, the Panama Guide and the Panama America Newspaper and a translation module so you can view them in English, German, Dutch etc etc . Nothing you could not already do just all on one page.

Also for the socially minded we now have the Panama Social Calendar site being done by a friend in Panama City.

Use them all and you will have more information than you ever wanted.


  1. Hello Folks,
    I’ll be taking a trip to Boquete in March to see if everything I’ve heard is as reported. I lived in Japan for twelve years or so as a newspaperman and later as an English language teacher for Berlitz. After returning to the U.S. and raising my two kids I realized that the drudgery of the daily grind had taken its toll on me. Now at 66-years old I’m ready to move on again.

    I’ve traveled a lot during my life and have actually transited the Panama canal several times when I was a merchant seaman. I’m not ready to retire to a rocking chair as I still have a lot of energy and want to keep busy.

    If anyone knows of a position I might find as a conversational English language instructor in Boquete or David I’d sure appreciate hearing from you. I did send off an email to a university in David but I’m open to other possibilities. I know there are more opportunities in Panama City but at this time in my life I’d really prefer a more rural setting.

    So, I hope I run into one or two of you who have read this e-mail as I’d like to start forming friendships. I tend to stick to myself a lot but I enjoy meeting new people and finding out about them and their ideas.


    Ron Knowles

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