Mercado Municipo David Panama, Municipal Market David Panama

I have posted about the David Market a few times. When we drive to David from Boquete we often start our day with coffee at the Alcala Hotel, they have wonderful Cappuccino and Jennifer has been know to drink a few before we begin our adventures. While she explores the streets looking for the best of this and the best of that I go to the market.

Municipal Market

I have not found a Municipal Market in Panama to rival those in Mexico but still if you arrive at the David Market early in the day you can see the local produce arrive, be sold and leave all in real time.

Municipal Market

It is a cornucopia of good eats. Interestingly you see almost exclusively produce at this market, I have not seen meat, poultry or dairy with the exceptionon some Queso del Pais, country cheese.

Municipal Market

Much of this produce comes to David from the El Salto area of Boquete on the sides of Buru and from Cerro Punto above Volcan on the western side of the same volcano.

Municipal Market

This province, Chiriqui is known as the food basket of Panama. Vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy for much of the country comes form here. That means if you live here and buy fresh food they are really fresh, really good and unlike what we were acustomed to in the US.

Instead of selecting for long shelf life, color and transportability the selection here tastes like it has been a selection for just that, taste.


  1. Lisa Kennedy says:

    I will be vacationing there next month (May 22 – 27) and want to get married there. How can I do that?

    Lisa Kennedy


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