I write and they disappear :(

I have never considered myself a showman and certainly not an illusionist but now I need to wonder.

On August 26 I wrote about Chef Ana and Myrna at selling great food at the BCP market. On August 27 they were not at the BCP. Some people complained about the smell of the Paella in the building. The Cafe & Cacao people were told Paella was not coffee and sweets and to ask Ana to find another place to sell their cuisine. Ana and Myrna are in location limbo, bad timing for good food.

On August 30 I wrote about great car service at Auto Servicios of Boquete. On Friday Sept 6 they were evicted from the location.  Franklin the former owner arrived with the Corregador and police in and attempt to take all of the garage assets. The eviction held but the seizure of assets failed. The garage was being operated by a court appointed administrator, Juny,  who was able to have the judge over rule the seizure of the assets.

Now Autoservicios of Boquete is looking for a new home and Ana is looking for a table outside but under a roof at the BCP Market.

Ana still has a catering business, and Juny is still administering a garage, a garage without a location.

I need to wonder if my writing is bad news for businesses or did lightening strike twice in the same month by random chance.  At least Mark is still giving great massages at Isla Verde and Craig is serving superb food at Mango, both very redeeming.



  1. Thanks Mate! We are still going strong..it seems that you are not the ‘kiss of death’…

  2. Ever wonder if writing about them was bad luck for them? LOL

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