Bocas Del Toro – Garden of Eden Resort

Time to share, we have some friends who are opening a resort on one of the 200 islands that make up Bocas del Toro. Bob and Helena have built the Garden of Edun on Isle de Helena in Bocas; yes their own private island.


Our host and hostess in Panamanian Gothic

Getting to the Island is a trip, you either fly in to Bocas and take a boat or boat in from Almirante and take another boat or water taxi.



As you arrive you can see the beach and lounge chairs.

Bob and Helana are wonderful hosts. We went with another couple and I believe we were among first people to enjoy their hospitality.


Bob and Jennifer are discussing the salinity levels of the Carribean Sea.


Dinner was so good we forgot to take pictures. Helena prepared a wonderful marinated fillet on the grill and nothing was left on any plate. They are offering people the option of going to the island for food and preparing their own or having dinner prepared for them under the palapa.

I did not shoot the rooms but they are wonderful with a view to remember.


Sunrise from our room!

A local indian paddling himself to work

Garden of Eden in Bocas Panama will soon have a website. If you want to learn more before then email Bob or Helena at bob@gardenofedenbocaspanama.com or helena@gardenofedenbocaspanama.com


  1. Bob and Helana….I may be flying to Costa Rica???? I hope so. a friend and I have been talking about going for a month or two. we where going to fly out on the 17th but he is having a hard time getting things together.I’ll let you know.. I would love to come see yall..stay COOL RRRRRRandyFox


  1. […] enough to meet Bob and Helena before the Garden of Eden was opened and wrote about it in both 2006 and 2007, it was time to return. It has been said three times is a charm, in this case the […]

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