Some rambling

I have spent some time wandering around the pueblo yesterday. It was not planned, but my aging car decided that it needed some quality garage time. I thank Jose, Juny and Victor at Value Motors for their efforts to resurrect the Rexton for still another day. It is a Phoenix again, rising from its … Continue reading

Border hopping

For the uninitiated let me define border hopping, it is neither a game, nor is it a dance step. Although Border Hopping does resemble a Texas Line Dance where the line is the frontier between Panama and Costa Rica, instead of Texas and Mexico. Border hopping is a legal method for a tourist to … Continue reading

The taxing problem of taxes

I am going to take a comment to yesterdays post and amplify it here. "Your blog is interesting and on a wide array of topics. I enjoy your persistence. I know many have relocated to Bouquete from more costly areas in North America because they could have a home without the tax burden. … Continue reading

A lesson to be learned

After writing about the Tuesday Talk with the Representante for Alto Boquete, Lic. Joswar Alvarado this comment was posted by a reader. "Lee,when I first considered a move to Panama, I found your site.It was full of interesting stories and information on being a expat.Some of the do’s and … Continue reading